Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Funny~ Things I learned coming home from Vacation

1. Make sure that it is known that if the satalite or cable is cut while you are gone, that it be fixed BEFORE you come with four moody kids! ~ My dad did a nice thing for my hubby while we were gone, he cut the grass, but he also cut the wire for the satalite (in an area that DOESN'T get cut) and hadn't fixed it. We also think that something happened to the dish itself since we found only one cut wire and none of the other three lines are working either!

2. Make sure that you leave a key for the car so that someone can come over and start it every couple of days. ~ Finding out at 5:30 am this morning that hubby's Ion's battery is dead is not a great way to start the morning! Poor hubby was NOT having a good morning.

3. If you have pets, especially shedding ones and you want to go away for longer than a few days..... BOARD them! ~ We have two dogs and normally two cats. I overfilled the vaccum cleaner when I went to clean up about a 10' x 10' area of my carpet yesterday evening with dog and cat fur. Then it took about 8 pieces of lint roller to get the cat hair off my favorite director's chair in the playroom. Not to mention the dogs got into the trash that was created by my aunt FEEDING them and appairently the cat decided to use the house as her litterpan.

4. Living in the south, high temperatures and two weeks vacation means that the palmetto bugs and roaches want to take up residence in your bathrooms! We made sure that everything was picked up in the bathrooms, clean, and doors closed to keep out the animals before we left. Apparently, the bugs liked it!

5. Leaky roofs get worse when you leave. And make for grumpy hubbys too. I don't blame him for being upset, I was too, but it put a damper on the happy to be home mood I had going coming home.

6. Make sure that family knows that if they want to come in and clean up any messes that were made while you were gone, it would be AWESOME! We didn't have a spotless house when we left, but the mess that was here when we left is horrible. I am too tired to clean, but I have to. (remember that floor? Well, the big dog likes to sleep on the furniture!)

I guess that's about it. I am glad that the toilet's didn't overflow while we were gone, but we can tell that things are different then what we left!

I hope to get some new things going here soon, so stay tuned! I got loads of ideas while gone and can't wait to jump right in!


Lisa M said...

My mother-in-laws wisdom to me was to always make sure the house is spotless before you leave, that way when you get home you aren't thrown into depression due to all the housework you now have to do and ruin that vaca high!.. I have yet to follow her advice.. Maybe one of these days I'll take it lol.

Lisa M said...

Oops! I forgot to mention:
Welcome to the SITStahood!

Devon said...

Palmetto bugs...ew...we don't have those here, but we have (YUCK!!!) roaches. Sigh...

In answer to your question, Dakin's in a 2T. LOL, I'm excited to hear your new ideas!