Sunday, June 28, 2009

Checking in from the Tail-End of my Vaca!

The past two weeks have just flown by, more than I ever thought possible. Upstairs, everyone is getting prepared for the big family picnic that will be starting soon. It's not all the nieces and nephews, but both of DH brother's and wives will be here!

My IL have made sure that we have all stayed pretty busy while here. There is so much stuff to do locally or just an hour drive away. Got to see a "castle" built by one man since the 1960's (all stone and ironwork and basically just a shell).

Got to see Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs (well the arcade and a few shops).

Got to go to Spring Spree and see some great things going on locally for the children of the area.

Got to see my favorite MLB team play. The scariest part was during batting practice, when a baby was down by the right fowl line and got knocked by a ball that bounced off the arm of the girl that was holding him. Her arm took the brunt of the speed of the ball, but it made me sick to my stomach to see that baby hurt. A little bit later, she came out with her arm wrapped with ice and the baby was up top safe in his stroller. This is one reason that chipmunk and cheetah stayed with Grandma that day!

Got to help my in laws clean up their backyard, trimming trees and setting post to redo the fence.

Took the kids to a few malls. The kids really enjoyed themselves and it was nice to get out and find a few things that we can't find back home.

Got to go up to Cripple Creek to the Donkey Derby. We didn't get to see the derby, but the kids got to see a donkey, we got to ride a train to see some more the mountain and hear stories (like did you know that the TV show "Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman" was based on the first female doctor in Cripple Creek?)

Today is the family picnic/barbecue.

Anyway, we leave early Tuesday morning for home. I have enjoyed this vacation very much, but I also look forward to being able to get busy in the sweatshop too! I have loads of ideas for all that yummy fabric waiting for me back home!

Hopefully, the economy will be better and I will make some more sales!

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Angie Lynn said...

Missed you this trip! Sounds like you've been BUSY!!!!!! Maybe when and if we get to Bft soon!