Friday, January 20, 2012

What I have Made Fridays

It felt VERY good to be be sewing this week! In fact, when my husband called to chat while at work today, I was sewing and he commented on hearing the machine!!! It's been a while ;-)
Dress for my daughter with a NEW pattern!

Boy ties in 6-12month, 12-24month and 2T-4T (matches the dress)

Ties in 4-7 and 6-12month

St Patrick's Day Bow Tie and Neck Tie. Will be posted on Etsy SOON!

Hearts and Stripes Bow tie listed on Etsy.

Burgundy Damask Bow tie listed on Etsy

Hearts and Stripes Neck tie to be posted soon.

Burgundy Damask Neck Tie to be posted on Etsy soon.

Sneak Peak::: Child's sleep mask!!! She asked, I designed and made :-) Even fits me... Now to tweak it just a little more... Whatcha think?

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