Monday, January 16, 2012

Studio Status

Sewing Station
Well, Thursday I decided that if I waited until the studio was totally to my liking, well, I would NEVER get back into sewing and  crafting, lol. Let's face it, I am a messy, crafty person and I will never have a beautifully put together, never messy studio. SOOOOOooooo, I decided to toss what I could and work around the rest... Because the big fact is, I need to make stuff to sell in order to be able to afford the stuff that I want to buy to organize my things... lol

Embroidery Station
So here is a virtual tour of what I have done in the studio thus far... Sorry if you have seen these pictures on the Facebook page! I am hoping to go through the photos with a little more explaination and thought on here :-)

Right now, I have three working sewing machines and a serger. One machine I use for regular sewing, one for elastic shirring and the other is my heavy duty machine for working on chef hats and other things that need a more durable machines handy work.

Desk / Crafting Area
I got this embroidery machine shortly before the move, so I haven't used it yet. I am excited to though! Even have some new felt stitches to try out ;-) Once I have used it a few times, I will probably tweak this area a bit. The corkboard is to put current sewing orders (when I finally start getting some). I also found out that I have more colors of thread for the machine then I have room on my pegs. lol Not surprising....
Close up of Desk
My crafting table/desk area! I really hope that this is going to be hair bow making area more than anything, but knowing my track record, who knows what will really happen, lol. The shelving above is what I consider my desk area. What I really need to find are some binder clips so that I can put my cords through for the wood burner and hot glue guns... Yes, I said guns... lol

Backside of the cutting table where I stand
Close up of the top of the desk... I doubt it will be cleaner then this! lol The cutting glass was made by my husband with two pieces of glass from an old entertainment center and measuring tape. Talk about recycling! lol As you can see, I have a special place to put a beverage of choice. Lately, that's a cup of coffee. The little cubbies hold various centers for bows.

My cutting table from the back! Where I stand and the side that usually isn't shown... Those four tubs hold excess fabric and bulky fabrics that don't fit in the table like denim, faux fur, fleece (lots of fleece actually!). I got the idea from another blog but I think that I have done it differently enough that maybe I could do my own DIY post? Not sure if anyone else would be interested in it though, you tell me.

Felt shelf / interfacing tub and clutter cabinet
Felt area.... What can I say, it was the newest addiction that I was getting before me moved. The sheets are wool and the yardage is stuff I found in local stores.... I make felt clippies, hanging clippie holders and felt play food in the embroidery machine. Or rather, that's what I am planning on using it for... May find other things to use it for, you never know.

Ribbon Storage and my makeshift photo area
On the top is my interfacing tub and some paper patterns... Patterns are another thing that I can't seem to get enough of. The binders on the drawers are also full of PDF patterns. The white cabinet holds various things but mainly is supposed to be for bottles and things that don't need to be out for my younger children to get into... The light colored drawers (there are a total of 3 sets of 2) hold plastic headband forms and at the moment, store bought patterns and junk. The cabinets hold more fabric but less cotton and more like tulle, home dec weight and the like.

Inspiration board and info
My ribbon storage!!!! I am working on getting more rain gutters and putting them on the wall like you see. Actually, I plan to put them between what you see since I can add another between what I have, lol. Poor planning of that on my part, I couldn't visualize it until it was up there, but it's going to work out! The shelf holds tubs of smaller cuts of ribbons coordinated by color and some by holiday theme. Then I have my larger rolls (50 and 100 yard rolls) underneath and the ribbon that will go in the gutters once I can get them.
The chest drawers hold tissue paper for packing and shipping materials. As you can see, this is the biggest area that needs cleaning and restructuring.

I have had this cork board since I was teaching. It's now my inspiration board. I am going to take some advice from a friend and use some pretty fabric to wrap around it to pretty it up, lol.

Storage closet
My storage closet... The boxes on the shelves on the wall are Ready To Ship (RTS) items or for craft shows and my craft show set up... Funny thing is, my show set up stuff changes almost every time! Such is life though I guess.

Well, thank you for sticking around for the tour... Leave me some comment love and let me know you stopped by! I hope to have more for you VERY soon!

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