Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I think I have officially lost it

... my creative mojo that is!

Not sure if its because I had to shut off my creativeness about 6 months ago when we found out that we were going to have to move or if it's just the utter stress of everything that I carry on my shoulders that is going on with me and around me. What I do know is that when I walk into my new studio, I don't have the creative itch to get the rest of the mess fixed and out of there so that I can sew and create!
Photo taken around Christmas, lots more has been done but not enough!

And to be honest, it's killing me. There is something missing from my happiness and I am pretty sure it's the joy that I get when I create. I am gosh-darn good at what I create, I know that. And I have loads of ideas in my head. I can see them when I look at all the fabric in my studio and the ribbons too... But when I go in there to "work" I see the mess and want to pick it up... Then I realize that I have too much stuff to store in the room and then I worry about getting rid of it.. That leads me to pretty much walking in circles in the room looking to see if there is anymore space to take over (there isn't) and I ultimately walk out with anything getting done.

I don't know.. Maybe I should just bag up all the excess stuff in there and trash it. Maybe I should thin it out and throw other stuff away to make room for it. It's only the second day that the kids have been back to school since the holiday break. Maybe I should just take a break and lay on the couch all day watching movies (if only the four year old would let me do that!)

How do you get your creative mojo back after a haitus?

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It's just me said...

Love your blog! The picture of your studio is adorable and even though I know you still have some unpacking to do, seriously sit down and make yourself a short term goal list. If you can scratch off something everyday from your list, you will feel accomplished!