Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Not sure of anyone still reads this blog or not, it's been months since I have posted to it. I have to admit, I lost my mojo for everything. The blog, my shops, my studio...

But, with God's grace, it won't be long before I start weekly or daily blogging again! We are closing on our house either next Monday or the Monday after! Then it's figuring out when to get the movers in to pack and get everything moved. Next month is going to be C-R-A-Z-Y. But it shouldn't be too hard to handle, the last few months have been crazy.

My biggest problem with the blog is that I am running, or trying to, a couple at the same time and I think that it's time to smoosh them all together.. And why not, they are all a part of me, right?

I run Stitch'N Love Boutique (eclectic sewn items), Palm N Moon Bowtique and Clothing (children's clothing and hair accessories), wife to a solider that is AGR with the GA National Guard, a struggling Christian, going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and I am the mom of six kids in the blended family.... Complex enough, right?

So, I do think that it's time for the blog to have a few changes... And everyone knows that I am the queen of changes right? I usually talk a good game but as of late, I have really been changing myself... And I look forward to changing the blog up a little bit. Of  course, it's going to take some time to get everything worked out.

First off, I know that I want to blog about the move....

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Jennifer said...

I'm a come and go blogger. I understand.

How very exciting about your move. I saw pictures on FB, but did not realize it was an out of town move until I was catching up on some blog time.

I'm SO excited for you and I know this will be hard for you, but good for you too. Post pics of your new sewing room when you get there. Will they be moving your new building too?