Saturday, August 6, 2011

You know, they often say that things come in threes....

.. and this week, I believe it... I know that it's said often, "Hold your family tight every night for they just might, not be there in the morning." But after the last six days, I say a little prayer as I lay my head on my pillow. "God, please keep my family safe and sound and let them know how much I love them."

Since Sunday, three people that I have known have died of cancer. No one super close to me, but three people that I have spent time with in my life... Two where fairly young, 30s and 40s. One was a grandma but that doesn't lessen the blow. I thought it poetic that I found out about the third one as I was watching "Soul Surfer" with my teenagers.

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Bella Sera Boutique said...

I beleive I understand how you feel. I lost my Mom to cancer just before Christmas in 2008. I wasn't ready for it. No one is ever ready for something like that. Cancer! The evil invader of my precious Mom's body...showed her no mercy and took her much too soon. Some time has passed but my heart is and forever will be broken. I am so thankful though that I had my Mom for the years that I did. She was a wonderful woman. You are so right. Time is so very precious and we must not take it for granted, as each moment is precious more than mere words could convey. I am sorry for the loss of those that you knew that passed away from this terrible disease. It seems so unfair doesn't it? I have learned some things since losing my Mom to ovarian cancer though. I would like to think that I am better person somehow, now even more able to share love with someone who has gone through loss too. Amazing how showing you care, even in little ways, can help someone in need. Sometimes, it is just saying you care, and other times, maybe you can actually "do" something to help..and still other times you can do nothing more than silently hold a hand, or send up prayers. The important thing is to DO something. I believe every act of love and kindness that we can show another is a good thing. Again, I am sorry for your loss and for the loss that those families are surely suffering. May God bring you and them peace, as only He can. :-) Kassie