Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sitting and Waiting and Wondering What to Do

Happy to say that we have a date and a time for our closing!!!! It feels great to know that next week, we will be home owners in the Greater Atlanta area and that things are moving forward for the family. Now it's a waiting game to figure out when his actual orders are going to come in so that we can find out when we can actually MOVE. lol

This means that I can't pull out anything really to work on and I can't even pack up my house. The movers are supposed to pack us up and move us. All I can think about is the new house. What I remember, wondering what the new appliances look like, wondering if everything is going to fit.....

And beginning to wonder if I am really capable of being away from my parents and siblings and thier families.

I am not a good person to deal with limbo. I am a planner, even though most of our plans change, at least there is something to hold on to in the mean time... Apparently the GA National Guard doesn't think that giving enough time for a move is a good thing. I mean, yes, we have known about this move since July. But without those orders in our hands, we can't get the movers... Which makes me want to say, pluck it, and move ourselves... It'll kill me having to move all this furniture into the house since we don't really know anyone up there, but "come on!" The holidays are approaching and I want to be in my house before they start.. And I don't mean the day before either!

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