Thursday, August 4, 2011

I knew I was forgetting something!

WOW! It's been since May that I posted on the blog? This is SO not like me, I tell ya... Well, since my last post:
All my kids have been out of school.
My oldest daughter sprained her ankle on Memorial Day. She was to be in her yearly recital the following Saturday, but it was a level 2 sprain and it took her a while to heal (and physical therapy).
Youngest daughter WAS in the recital and was all business!!!! So proud.
My teenage son made it through middle school and will be a FRESHMAN in less than 2 weeks!!!! We haven't gotten his official schedule yet, but from what we got, he will be in band AND JROTC.
I got into a 10-day craft show in July and getting mentally and inventory ready took up the second half of June and July.
Hubby had drill and Active Training most of July. We were told the first weekend that his placement is moving in October, but a month later, still no orders!!! Frustrating when you are trying to move four kids and a business 200+ miles away... More on that as I find out what's really going on :-)

Right now, it's just getting kids registered and ready for school that begins on the 15th of this month. Youngest one will be going to pre-school half days three days a week at the end of the month (like THE end of the month, the 29th) Two youngest got strep throat from their cousin this weekend, so I have been battling not being able to get into the studio to do work. Got a little bit of time last week and today, just enough to get some embroidery on ribbon and a diaper cover done.

Hope to be better at blogging and working here soon!!!! Maybe from a new house and studio? Who knows!


Steve Finnell said...

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Rachel said...

? Moving? Exciting! I can't even imagine! Keep us up to date!