Thursday, January 27, 2011

Have you ever made a mistake....

... and realize it a few days later? I do. A lot. Actually. I am hot headed, stubborn, hard to take sometimes and, well, I think it's come to bite me in the butt on a few current counts.

First off, last week I was having a horrible time with those demons in my head... They wanted out. And they did, through my computer keyboard at some really awesome ladies. I got whining and got my feelings hurt and I got the "all of a sudden you feel like you have done something that know you shouldn't have but you did it anyway" feeling and I left the group.

I never should have. Shortly after I did, I got a little bit of good news, or encouraging anyway, and I wanted to go and tell them. Only I couldn't.

Then, I was offered to get a replacement of my broken sewing machine as an early birthday present, and what did I do? Turn it down! Why? Because I want to be able to buy a new one (or 2) on my own once things start selling again... Only, I think that they aren't going to start selling again... I get that feeling every once in a while.... Creative doubt.

But on the upside, I got 2 outfits created this week. Only one is to sell. I have some auctions coming up next weekend, not this, so I better get busy this weekend..... Yeah, got lots to do and a cold studio to do it in ;)

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