Friday, February 12, 2010

Starting My Own Photo Studio

Well, the photographer in my is coming out. Why should I pay someone to photograph my creations when I can do it myself? I mean, I am the one that knows what I want to be shown of my creations, right? In high school, I wanted to be a photographer and took classes upon classes and was the Photo Editor of the Yearbook my senior year. I know a little about photography, it's just getting the stuff that is needed, you know?

Well, when I took some of my stuff to a local photographer, it got me to thinking, why not try it yourself? So I have set off to DIY it! lol I bought some grey fleece at the store last week to try it out. It's really not enough, but I was able to find some black in my abundant stash! Now I just need to get some lighting. I used the little lighting that came with my light box today to try it out. I know that I need more. I also have to do this when chipmunk and cheetah are not so excited. Cheetah kept getting into the shots and chipmunk was all wild.

Anyway, I got a few good ones. I need to find brighter lights and get a better camera, but it's a start... Now to get some models other then chipmunk and I will be all set! lol I tried to use cheetah but he just wanted to roll around.


Shana said...

good luck! I'm dying to do photography on the side too but I only have a Nikon D40. What are you shooting with??

Stitch 'N Love said...

Just a Kodak Easy Share Z712 IS I am looking at the Nikon D3000, I think. That's what my friends have been telling me to get anyway.

Nicki's ~ Notions said...

Same here! I love taking pictures ... my hubby bought me a new Kokak Z1015 IS for Christmas and I am loving it ... I just wish I had somewhere to set up to take some inside photos ... NO room! LOL But I have been practicing doing some outside shots ... just did some Sr Pics for my niece that turned out great!!

Devon said...

Great idea!!!! I love taking pictures too...I'm just too lazy to learn, you know?