Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wanta Sneak Peak????

It's of a few things that I have going on in the studio. Nothing totally complete, I think. May add a few things here and there, you know. When I get inspired, I seem to be REALLY inspired.

There are a few launches on Ebay coming up. The first starts on Monday and is the Boutique Rascals Easter launch.

Then on the 18th is Bowtique Playground's first launch: Snowpeople! I can't wait to see what the designers come up with. I have seen a few of things to come from another designer and let me just say, they are worth the wait!

The worst part is the little ones are sick with nasty coughs and so am I! Thanks to the long lasting cold spell that we are having here in the southeast, and I believe just about all over? Actually, the monkey started this all I think. He decided to be cool and walk around New Years Eve without a jacket. By the end of the night, he almost didn't have a voice. Yeah, I'll blame him.

So, leave a comment and tell me whatcha think. Tell me that I am crazy and should be in bed resting and not slaving in the studio. I dare ya. Actually, working, even in slo-mo, makes me feel a bit better. Now if I could just get the kids to quit screaming that they are tied up.......

That was really a joke. Maybe. Depends on if they keep on getting into the dish washer and taking out the knives.

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