Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Tepee Available!

OKay, so at least typing will keep my fingers warmed up, right? I thought that I might as well post about something that I have been meaning to post since before Christmas....

I LOVE it when customers see something in my shop and ask if I can change it up a little bit. I mean, that's how the canvas book sacks for teachers came to be.

Well, now, that is how my newest addition has come about too. I had a sweet customer convo me about making a tepee for her nieces. Only she wanted to know if I could add a window in it. We went back and forth in conversation on Etsy trying to make sure that the theme was correct and I agreed to try to make a window.

Here is what I came up with! I have to say that I was happy with it when I sent it off. Unfortunately, the customer wasn't 100% satisfied with my product. The window was great, but the sides were still falling down after a while. She had one for her kids that was older and worked great. I know where the problem lies, in the pipes that I have to use.

They are thin so that the tepee can have the most room for the least cost. And that means that they are a bit flimsy, so to say. I know that my kids don't mind them, but some kids do. Or parents maybe. Anyway, I think the biggest problem lies in how far down I folded the top to make the pole casings. The next one I made, wasn't so low. But, I have yet to hear from that client, so I don't know.

Maybe I need to just bite the bullet and make another, huh? At any rate, she wasn't totally unhappy, just had the expectations of the one she owns. I can understand that!

But this whole encounter got me to thinking.... When you buy something in a big, or even a not so big, box store, and the item doesn't meet your total approval, do you write a letter or email to the creator and expect compensation? Now, this client did nothing of the sort, but I have heard of clients that have. I have heard of people that have bought a handmade outfit and because a seam comes undone (or a hair bow) because it was over used or even abused, they expect their money back. Even months AFTER the sale.

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