Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jumping in FEET First?

My youngest daughter turned four on the twenty-eighth of last month. Yesterday, she had her dreaded four year old well child appointment. I had been on the fence for a while about wither I should try to put her in the public school system next school term, or just keep staying at home and home school. I even posted a status on Facebook on Tuesday asking some of my questions for some of the homeschooling moms I know to give me some answers.

Well, I finally made up my mind. I am going to home school Chipmunk and Cheetah!

And I will officially begin by the end of the month.

But the funny thing is... I have already been "home schooling" her :) It's just that I will make more of an effort to do so.

I am not making a long term commitment to homeschooling, we are going to take it year by year. I am becoming more and more not one to conform to educational societies thoughts on how things should be, so our school year is going to center around chipmunk's birthday. I am not going to tell her that she can't learn about something if she shows an interest just because there is a paper somewhere that states what she should be doing either. I guess, I am going to get to teach her how I think that every child should be taught: at the level they are at, not where someone else THINKS they should be or where I WANT her to be.

I am kinda excited about all of this! I get to do all the stuff that I loved about being in the classroom with out the principal and school district hanging over my head. For now, anyway. When she turns 5, I will have to be more held accountable for keeping up with what we do and all, but we will have had a year to grow together. And cheetah will have an even bigger head start!

Now, if I can only get over this cold... Off to take a nap and then look for some great recipes for playdough and other science projects!

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Devon said...

Awesome. And you, of all people, are definitely qualified. We are having this debate with Dakin right now--we'd have to get him in the system soon here, so we're not sure what to do. I need to have a meeting with the school district. It may just be that I end up homeschooling him for a few years and then he can go to public.

RE; monster pillow. I still want to get him one, I just need to wait now until I have a source of Shouldn't be too long now...