Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day of the Week Snap Clip Covers

I had the wonderful opportunity to get to test drive sewing these out this week. They really were quick when I didn't have chipmunk and cheetah vying for my time :) I mean one cover took less than 10 minutes to stitch out!

Anyway, I did this assortment that you see trying to get an idea of color schemes to put in the shop. Of course, most of these colors came to be because it's what I had in my house, lol.

I know that I will do the Red, White and Blue scheme, because, well, we are a military family.

I also know that anything pink and brown or blue and brown will sell.

But what other color combos would YOU like to see out there?

I know that I can do the standard white with any color, but come on, when have I ever been a standard white anything?

I know locally, I am going to track down the elementary school colors and do assortments in those colors since the school district is just about ALL uniforms.

I am looking at offering these without the snap clips so that the buyer can decide what way the clip needs to go in and you can have essentially 1 clip to keep up with and then the covers. I like the idea of interchangeable.

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