Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Key Fobs! Awareness Time

My older kids had a friend over today. She didn't want to have to sit in the waiting room of the cancer center while her mom was mapped out for her next round of chemo. As I sat here in the office working on various things that needed to be done (AKA playing on the computer with google documents) I thought to myself, don't you have some breast cancer awareness ribbon? And lo and behold, it's sitting up in the ribbon contraption! Well, I also had used some for a key fob! So, I looked in the box with the latest fobs in it, pulled it out and went and ask the teen if she thought her mom would like it. Got a call a little while after she left and her mom loved it.

Well, all this has lead me to go ahead and list one on Artfire. Then I decided to list a new Autism one too. That's what I love about Artfire, there are so many unique gifts to be found on there. You really should take a look. Well, only if you want your wallet and bank account to be a bit lighter!

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Sarah said...

What a great idea!