Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Days are Blurring Together

It seems like I just posted yesterday, when in fact, it was over a week ago. Time flies when you are stressed, or at least for me it does. There seems to be so much going on at the moment. Some looks to be good, others not so good.

My two oldest kids go back to school on Monday. I will have to finally admit that I have a daughter old enough to be in high school. She's ready, I am not. In fact, we are trying her, again, with a cell phone. Only this time, we have control over her phone. Verizon had these great applications that I will post about later. So far, I am in love though, lol.

Been working on a few messenger bags this week. Felt good to not be dealing with kids clothes! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to make kids clothes but this CPSIA law scares me and I want to make sure that I have a back up!

Having a major problem with rain this week. Seems all the summer rain has decided to come this week instead of slowly through the summer.

Well, the kids want to unkork the korker ribbon so I have to jet! Will expand on what's up in a bit!


Devon said...

Girl, I so know what you mean. Love to you!

TiLT said...

looking forward to school starting :) My oldest starts high school this fall also...I can't believe it! Luckily, he's a boy, so the phone has not been an issue when it comes to overuse :)

Anonymous said...

The first one to start high school is always the hardest--probably when the baby does, too! My 3rd son is starting high school soon. I love having 2 in at one time--there's something about having my sons turn into young men that amazes me!