Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some New Lower Prices!

I went through my Etsy and Artfire shops and lowered a few prices. Tell me what you think. It's not really a lot of lower prices or much of lowering, because I do believe that there is value in buying a handmade outfit over a mass-produced outfit. I loved what someone said when the chipmunk wore a mommy made outfit out one time "Homemade".

I really hope that things start to pick up here soon. With my luck, I will get slammed with some sales right before we go on vacation. It's going to be mad enough around before that. The middle two get out of school the week before, then there is a dance recital, FRG meeting and then a plane trip with six kids! Oh and we are going to do a whirlwind clean up of the house so that it's all nice and clean when we return because the July 4th holiday will be around the corner by then, then drills and festivals and before we know it, school will be start in August!

Don't forget my giveaway over on Front Porch Reviews! Custom made patriotic outfit with 3 embroidery hoopings! Your choice of embroidery. It ends Sunday, May 31st and the winner will be announced Monday!


Sarah said...

I think things are just slow. Are you on facebook promoting? I've gotten lots of hit from there, one sale. I'm working on a email flyer for friends and family.

It's tough! Your stuff is very cute and it's a matter of time! Good luck!!

Laura said...

I love this and your blog! Come stop by when you have a chance =)