Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thinking about going Verified on Artfire?

Artfire is offering their Free Ride again. Anyone who gets 12 people to sign up and go verified (costs $12 a month, that's it) then they, and a friend, set to go verified for life!

If you have been thinking about going verified or joining Artfire, sign up here. If I get my 12 signee's and get the free ride, I will take one of the 12 with me. But you have to be verified. I can attest that Artfire is great! They list your stuff in google base, that's where a lot of my hits come from! Listing is all on one page too. You are allowed 10 pictures per listing too. And with the new fusion studios, you can customize your shop like never before!

It really pays to be verified!

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