Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Funny time, err farm?

Once again in the Brown house, the littlest of the bunch had some laughs and we caught it in pictures.

The weekend was to be the first real chance that we have had to flip two whole rooms around in the house: take the gameroom out of the HUGE living space that it had been in for two years and switch it to the more quaint, and much smaller room that we have been calling the "livingroom".

What this consisted of was all morning Saturday, cleaning the floor of the junk the whole family had been trying to harvest in the gameroom and moving the buffet that we use as a bar. Since there was no longer going to be bookshelves nearby to hold the glassware, a shelf was in order and off to the store to buy the necessities (ie wood to make the thing) by the end of the night, we had the shelves put together, stained and hung.

Sunday morning found us in the position to move the entertainment centers and various electrical items. I am happy to say that neither me nor my hubby got irrate with each other over the problems that arrised as we were trying to figure out how all this was going to work out.

We finished up with the centers and headed over to my parents (ummm, that's next door) and had a delightful dinner where my youngest decided that food was not for her and the youngest son decided that silkie terriers look better with food on TOP instead of inside.

Monday is when the REAL fun with the little happened. As the hubby and I are trying to get the two rooms in working order (we are selling the couch and loveseat so until those are gone, the room will not be put together correctly and the kids are going to flip when they find out that they will have to sit on the FLOOR to play games), when the littlest ones find "glasses".

All I can say is.......... ENJOY!

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