Monday, November 17, 2008

Tried something new...

Well, Friday, instead of taking the kids out in the gloomy weather, I stayed home and tried a new purse design. I found the "pattern" on Sewmama's forum and I have to say that I like it and can see how I can make it BIGGER! lol
Not too bad considering that I had to do it all with screaming kids all over the place. When I get the workroom in a decent order again (this week 'cause I have some big requests to fill) I will create some more and list
them. These are a good size for little girls and teens that just need some essentials in their bags.
Over the weekend I did not get any time to do anything but rearrange the living room and the gameroom. It's coming along nicely, but we have so much moreto get rid of. lol In time, in time. Only the boys are coming home this weekend so time is of the essence.
Til next time!
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The Mom, Wife, and Crafter said...

Those turned out cute....I love em'