Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Back!!!

After the move, I began to think that I needed to change up what I sell since I am in a new area (new city, heck new state!). So I set off to try and figure out what I should and would work on... When I started off nearly four (!) years ago, it was to quilt blankets and make little totes... We all know that it didn't last and I was soon into the ribbon world and soon after the children's clothing world. While I do not feel like I have a prominent hold in ANY realm, I really LOVE to make all those things...

So, I have decided that I am going to move forward and do it all.. I am good at it all, so why not?

My little chipmunk is starting to not like being my model so I am off to find a new one... But I hope to get her to model a few more soon.... And I have decided to start back up with one of my favorite outfits that I made for her... The Twirl Tutu skirt, Peasant top and corset set!!!!

The first one I ever made was for her Easter outfit... Then it became a pirate girl outfit and then on to the awesome WILD ensemble that is pictured. I plan to offer various versions... Some with tutu skirts, some with just a layered skirt and maybe a few with twirl skirts... The possibilities are about as endless as fabric choices...

What kind of themes do you see possible with this style of clothing? Post your thoughts and don't forget to leave me a way to get ahold of you and YOU may get an exclusive discount in my shop! How does 40% off sound? I will pick a winner this Sunday (February 26th( late evening EST)

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Oursj said...

I think a Princess theme would be adorable. My daughter is always wanting to dress up like a princess and this would be great!

Another idea would be a candy "Gum Drop" theme!