Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Settling In....

Everyday, I think of something that I would love to blog about, but I think that I have gotten so OUT of blogging that I don't make myself sit down and write. If someone knows of a cheap way to wore your thoughts into typing themselves out on your blog, please let me know....

Three weeks ago, the movers came in on Monday and packed up house into a huge amount of boxes. Tuesday, they loaded up into a moving truck along with all our furniture and what was left was my studio (we packed up and my Dad brought up to me a week later), entertainment center and a couch that we didn't want to take with us because there was no room in the house and our air mattresses. So we spent Thanksgiving week eatting at my parents house but sleeping in the empty place. Black Friday was spent traveling to our new place and unpacking while everyone else was shopping! lol

Now, almost three weeks after all that, we are starting to really settle in. The kids got placed in their schools, the teenagers got an extra week of no school due to immunization problems and protocol at the high school.

My studio isn't put together but I need to get down there ASAP and get busy so that I can make our tree skirt and stockings... We threw out the tree skirt last year because the cat peed on it... But Cheetah doesn't like to be down there because it's "boring" and he messes up the house too much when left "on his own".

Going from life in the country to the suburbs/rural life is something to get used to! We saw cows out in a pasture when we went to the grocery store this morning. Instead of the nearest grocery store being 20 minutes from the house, it's 3-5 minutes. Takes us 15 minutes to get to the movies instead of over 30 minutes. There is a mall 20 minutes up the interstate. Our favorite strip mall with numerous stores is 20 minutes away with even more 3 -5 minutes away from that!

The hardest part so far is the school schedule! Chipmunk gets on the bus about 6:50 am while the teenagers get on about 7:45 am. Chipmunk comes home about 2:35 pm and the high school bus drops them home exactly at 4:00 pm. If hubby's work schedule works out how we hope, we are going to be eatting around 5 pm every school night!!!!! Used to be between 7 and 8.

Anyway, wanted to post a little something. One of my New Year work on's is to blog more... And to get into the studio and WORK, WORK, WORK... Picture is just SOME of the boxes that where brought in to the living room... Before it got really hard to walk in there, lol.

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