Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Updates and such

I know it's been a bit since but I have to say, life has taken on a life of it's own :-D

Halloween found us in the greater Atlanta area signing for our house! Of course, on the way to the paper signing, we found out (through smell and smoke) that our brakes were going out, AGAIN. We had just changed both front brake pads and rotors. This time, it was the calibers.

So, during the paper signing, we found out about a good hometown mechanic and he helped us get on the our way. Husband and teen son got to the house about 5 minutes after the delivery people with our refrigerator arrived. Thankfully, our Realtor took me and three of the kids to the house! I just LOVE her!

We got to meet one of our neighbors too! He has three very sweet, but under-appreciated, dogs.

A week later, hubby had to head back up there for a work-related validation so he got to spend a week in the house. The teen-age son and I joined him for the Veteran's Day weekend and we got several things completed on our list for the house. The garage floor is expoxied! We have a table and chairs in the kitchen for homework and breakfasts... And the front bedrooms all have blinds and curtains up!!!!!

The greatest thing is.... They are coming next Monday to pack us up!!!!  Hopefully, we will find out today when they will deliver our goods, I am hoping for Saturday so that I can enjoy Thanksgiving with my parents and family. We shall see.

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