Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I made it through!!

I can't believe that I was so busy with craft shows in the month of April that I NEVER had or made time to post on the blog!?!?!?!?! How weird is that? lol

Well, it's the month of May and I have no shows to do :( But that means that I can focus more on the family and house... They have both been neglected in the last month and it's really getting to me.

The girls have less than a month until their dance performances. I think that I even get to help out with some of the decorations! Making Indian Teepees!!! Right up my alley ;)

I also have some new products to try out!!! I need to get some photos done of them, but last month I got to make velcro boy ties, a new purse style, and some new stuff made with felt!!!!!

But now, I have to go and figure out what the three year old little man wants for breakfast. He woke up in a great mood but when he got out of bed, the mood went sour! Go figure...

Hugs and peace!

Christie :-)

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