Friday, March 18, 2011

Follow Friday Blog Hop- FEELING BEACHIE Style

Know those five questions that I answer almost every Monday now? Well someone else who does them posted on my blog this week and introduced me to HER blog hop fill in the blanks!!! I am liking this networking, I tell ya.

Anyway, she posts four questions each week that are fill-in-the-blank and then you are to link your blog and visit the others. I will do my best from now on (because it's my first week doing it of course!) to participate fully in the blog hop.

Now on the questions to answer and the explanations!

1. I have got to be the worst house cleaner in the world!
There I said it! I can not keep up with keeping my house clean. I imagine almost all creative people are when they have a house full of kids and people. I can keep up with it at times, but often, my creative juices override the house. Add in four kids, two dogs, a cat and a husband and, well, it's not long before the house is messy and too much for one person to take care of. I am getting better about not trying to do everything myself and getting the kids to help out. Losing toys and electronics works wonders.

2. Although for the most part I love it sometimes I wish I could just get rid of my smart phone.
Sometimes I feel like I spend most of my time "waiting for that awesome email" that I am constantly checking it.  I feel tied to it.  Not a good feeling.

3. The best thing about where I live is being near my family!
My mom and dad will be happy to read this... I do love being close to my family and having Sundays being a day that I know that I will see my parent, Grandma, brother and family and even my sister and hers every so often. But my husbands family doesn't live here.  And that makes me a little sad for him. He deserves to have what I have. So, we hope to be able to move to his family once the teenagers are graduated from high school and he has retired from his AGR position with the GA National Guard.

4. Aside from a new house, car or big vacation, the first luxury I would buy myself if I won the lottery is a bigger studio and HUGE embroidery machine.
Doesn't sound all that great, but I am really a simple girl. I would love nothing more than for my business to take off and be a success! I don't mean to get so big that I have to hire people to work for me, just successful enough to keep busy and to make enough money to help support the family. Oh, and to have a store front!!!


Hope said...

One of my biggest dreams is to have a cleaning lady to help me with the housework. I wish I was OCD about cleaning, but unfortunately I didn't get that gene from my parents.

I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hop. I would love it if you could follow me back. I hope you have a happy Friday!

Also, I have my very first giveaway going on right now if you want to check it out and a chance to win The Hungry Little Caterpillar by Eric Carle Prize Pack.


Hilary said...

Thanks so much for joining the Friday Fill in, and the great shout out! I am following you back!

You are so lucky to live close to your family. That is the worst part of where I live, my mom moved down to FL about 5 years ago. While we both travel to each others state, it is not the same as being able to just "pop" over....