Monday, February 14, 2011

HomeFront Artistry Team -Meet Up Mondays

Seeing as how I am married to a solider (I always knew growing up that I would marry someone in the military!), I found the Homefront Artistry Team on Etsy. Before Tony and I met, I only heard stories from my grandparents about how hard it is to be a military family. Now I know :) We are blessed to not have to move every so many years, but National Guard families (especially AGR ones) are no different otherwise from regular Army families.

Twice (sometimes three) times a month, they have questions for others to answer on their blog and I finally found them to do! So here is my first blog answers:

1. Do you like to celebrate Valentine's Day or do you cringe at the thought of Cupid?

I have always been a fan of the little angel who spreads love. It wasn't until six years ago that I really had someone who spoils me though, lol. For a long time as an adult and in my first marriage, I cringed when February 14th rolled around. Actually going to the grocery store that night and having to pick a bouquet of roses when they have all been picked over, just wasn't my idea of a great day. But now, I get spoiled all year long so I think of the holiday as just a great time to pick up really great love cards :)

2. Are you a flowers or candy kind of person? Or do you prefer something handmade?

I LOVE to get handmade stuff from my kids. They put such thought into them. I really like flowers AND candy. I am a peanut butter and choc-o-holic to be honest. But if I had to choose, I take the candy. With a little self-control, I can make it last for a long time, flowers only have so long to live after you cut them. Give me the whole plant, and, well, you'd make me one happy woman!

3. What's your most memorable Valentine's Day story?

Ummm, that's a tough one. I guess it would have to be Tony and I's first one actually together (our first one was when he was serving in Afghanistan and he sent me flowers to work a day early, boy did I get looks that day!). He had flowers sent to me early (again) at work but on the holiday, he had some candy and card waiting for me on our bed when I got home. We had said that we wouldn't exchange gifts but he couldn't resist.


Robin Norgren said...

That is a very sweet Valentines you and your hubby shared together. These are even more intense memories considering the type of work our men do! Thank you for sharing.

Midnight's Meadow said...

Valentine's Day can be really tough sometimes when you're married to the military like we are. It's nice that you have an beautiful memory to hold on to during the Valentine's Days that are not so wonderful. Nice post :)

Mandy said...

What a sweet story! And I had a similar reaction to question #1. :)