Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Not sure where I want to go with this post to be honest, but I feel that with the new year upon me and all the webs that need to be cleaned out of me, my home, my family and my business, maybe it's time to reflect a little and refocus... Or totally tear up the present and make a new beginning, who knows! lol

In the last two weeks of 2010, many things went on that I don't feel like I have fully recovered from.... The weekend before Christmas, we started to move Stitch'N Love OUT of our house and into the backyard studio. Three weeks later, and I am not still fully moved in, but I have the furniture where I want it and no more room to add anything else! lol If I out up the ironing board, well I can't use the serger! lol But I will make due with what room I have and come up with something else.

Speaking of the studio..... it seems that I can't ever get any good time in there to work. In the beginning (like over a week) I went in there to get it organized, and I did. Now I can't get a good hour in there to work on anything! Last week, I resorted to pulling a sewing machine BACK INTO the house on the dining table so that I could sew for my first stocking of the year on The Crunchy Congo. This week, I got some great hair bows, clips and headbands done on the dining table, but I have to redo the photos and then to get into the studio to actually crop and stuff??? Can't seem to do it.

It doesn't help that in Sunny South Carolina, we are having freezing weather! Oh and not having a bathroom out there doesn't help either.... But I gotta say, it's freezing cold out there and my computer doesn't seem to like it! So it's slow. I am slow out there too. I need to find something for the little ones to be able to do out there that doesn't allow them to have papers and stickers all over the floor. And it would greatly help if the teens would quit messing with each other and actually did what they were told when they were told. (totally another reflection!)

Anyway, this is also the first week that the little ones haven't been SICK in a month. And add to that January - February is usually my worst months for depression and, well, I guess I am ahead of the game this year. I just wish that I could figure out how to get myself into the studio and working my fingers to the bone. I have tons of ideas, and a few orders that need to be done, but no way to get in there and do them.

Not complaining though, just trying to write everything down so that a genius idea will come to mind.... I am so blessed to have my children (all 6 of them), a wonderful husband and a extended family that tries to keep me going. Oh and this house over our heads... Even if it's not the one that I want, it's here. With a new washer, working heater and new drain field.

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Devon said...

Keep going, girl. You are awesome, and I know everything will get ironed out soon.