Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ciaos at it's Best!

It seems that trying to build a studio, starting a middle-schooler and a high-schooler in home schooling, getting a business ready for craft shows and stockings, and keeping the family and house running all while your hubby is working himself in the ground and out of town the majority of the summer, has finally caught up to me and actually isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Or maybe I didn't think it would really be easy and just put the auto-pilot brain in and I now see that it wasn't the best thing to do?

I don't know.

But I do know this, I am not the super-mom-can-take-care-of-everything-under-the-moon-and-still-look-like-she-came-off-the-runway-with-a-million-$$-smile-and-nothing-bothers-her look. lol

The studio is complete on the outside, it's the inside that needs to be done and there is no end in site. We have part of the electrical in (the wiring) just waiting on the breaker box and then we can finish the wiring, but in the insulation and lay down the flooring. Then it's just finding what we will do for walls. If I can get in before the middle of November, I will be more than happy at this point!

I had a show last weekend! It went okay. Had a lot of traffic, so hopefully that will mean more people into my online shops and all :)

I have another show the 16th. But between then and now: in laws arrive Thursday (also my mom's birthday), my anniversary is Friday, Sunday is my youngest's third birthday, and my in laws leave on Tuesday!

So, I hope after this next two weeks is over, that I can find a away to update the blog more often and be back to my usual, can't keep her mouth shut or her fingers from typing self! It's been a long while and I have all kinds of topics that I can talk about, some about the business and some about families and kids.

Drop a line, say hi, let me know that you read the blog! Lately I have been feeling like no one reads anything I write anymore :( Did I also mention that I am working on my self-image? lol Yeah, making myself believe that I am the best that I can be and if no one notices, it's their loss. I am also hoping that I can teach this to my teenage daughter! lol RIGHT

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Fe said...

Sounds like you got a lot on your plate, and you're tackling it along the way. Well done and keep up the good work. :) Good luck on your upcoming show.