Monday, August 2, 2010

How Stitch'N Love Boutique Builds a Studio, Part One

Well, as the title states, Stitch'N Love Boutique is building a studio! That's right folks, we are not going to PAY someone to build it for us as we sit back and casually watch from afar, we are going to put our sweat, tears, and hopefully no blood, into building a studio to house the business!

To start off, we picked out a "kit". It's a little smaller then I really wanted, but when you are not the one signing the check, you have to go with what you can, right? We are building a 12' by 20' structure. Sound big, but when I started planning out where everything was going to go, the building got mighty small all of a sudden.

Well, it took a few weeks for it to get shipped here from where ever it came from and last week, we were finally able to get it on the property! Friday, we started on the "foundation". We had to square up the area and put posts in the ground.... AKA DIG holes.... Hubby and Monkey did most of that since I am not a "post hole digger" girl (I can't get them to work like the guys can!)

The next day, after taking hubby to the airport as the Army decided that they needed him more than the family did, Monkey and I got to digging the twenty something holes for the other posts that were to go in the ground and then we also put in the cross beams that will support the floor joists.

Then came Sunday. Started off the day getting the floor joists ready. In order to use the great air-compressed nail gun, we had to build it near the air compressor which meant that we had to move it a great distance! It was done and we didn't lose the square. What we did find out is the kit company didn't build the thing to their printed specs online! Like about 2-3" off. But still workable, mind you.

Today was spent fixing my boo-boo's that I made when I got ahead of myself and in too much of a hurry to get moving... Now we have a squared up floor with the first set of joints the right measurement so that we can start laying the plywood for the floor in the morning.

And all of this is being done while I am still sewing and bow creating in my cramped office/playroom..... I can't wait to have all my business stuff out of the house where I don't have to worry about little, and not so little, hands getting into stuff and moving it around. And also, I will not have to worry about a little girl taking over my work computer all the time! Until the next update, good night and have some fun!

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Devon said...

Holy heck, girl, that's AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to see the finished product!