Monday, May 24, 2010

Bow of the Month Club

Plan A Single 3” Twisted Boutique Bow

Plan B Single 3” Pinwheel Bow

Plan C Double 3” Twisted Boutique Bows

Plan D Double 3” Pinwheel Bows

Imagine the anticipation you and your little girl will have waiting for the mail to arrive at the beginning of each month. In the mail, waiting to be opened is a small box containing a themed bow or set of bows! Well, imagine no more when you sign up for the first ever Stitch’N Love Boutique Bow of the Month Club!

Each month, your little girl will receive her themed bow, or set of bows, no later than the fifth of the month. You select the type of main bow, but it’s a surprise as to the ribbon and embellishments that are used.

January – Winter

February – Valentine

March – St Patrick’s Day

April – Spring

May – Flowers

June – Summer

July – Patriotic

August – Back To School

September – Autumn

October – Spooky

November – Turkey

December – Holidays

Available in 6 month or 12 month sets! Date of purchase will determine when your time begins. Purchases up to the 10th of the month will begin the following month. Purchases after the 10th, will begin the second month.

Example: Purchased on May 10 – June is your first month of bows Purchased May 11 – July is your first month of bows

This is so that there is enough time to get enough ribbon and embellishments for all bows the following month.

Plan A and B – 6 months @ $24

Plan A and B - 12 months @ $48 (to be added later)

Plan C and D – 6 months @ $42

Plan C and D - 12 months @ $84 (to be added later)

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Did I mention... FREE shipping on me?

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