Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Did My First Guest Launch on eBay!

I am in the midst of trying to find my place in the boutique clothing world:

is it on Etsy?

is it on Artfire?

is it on eBay?

is it a combination of the three?

I have clothing listed on Artfire and Etsy and I tried a Patriotic outfit about six months ago with no bids, so I am trying an outfit again! This time, I am a guest launcher though!

The BowFairies are having a Christmas Launch and I got to make an outfit and collaborated with a bow maker! Isn't it adorable? It ends on Friday, I think, and there haven't even been very many people that have looked at it! If you click on the picture, it will take you to the listing.
Just seeing more views makes me happy!

Here are the great bows that Shannen from fallen*star*bowtique created to go with the set! Aren't they just AWESOME! Chipmunk really did not want to take the bows off after the photo shoot. But she had too.

I am trying to gear up for all the great things that are happening this month. Be on the look out for a sale on my Artfire site in honor of Cheetah's second birthday and my fourth anniversary! Not to mention that my mom's birthday is tomorrow too! I will post the savings sometime Thursday!

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