Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Picture of... ME!

I don't post pictures of me very often, well, because I don't really care for how I look in pictures at the moment. But an old friend of mine inspired me with her post that I read this morning. It spoke to me.... Thanks Shay!

So, for your viewing pleasure. Here is a picture that I took a few weeks ago after My oldest and I got our hair cut! I broke down, got layers in my thick LONG hair and, gasp, bangs!

It's been nearly 5 or six years since I sported bangs. And with the layers, I have natural curl! I love it now, to be quite honest. Now if I could just get some more of this weight off, I think that I would be very happy with myself.

We shall see.

The spiffy hat is a hat that I made as part of a 60's and 70's challenge. It was supposed to fit Chipmunk, but as you can see, it fits me :)


Devon said...

Girl, you have got the most amazingly colored eyes--they just pop with your brown hair! Love the pic!

Devon said...

Yeah, I was thinking of that...hmm. I will ask when they call this afternoon!

hey, no worries about Rocket. We're not going out for Halloween anyhow anymore (STUPID FLU!!! We don't even get to go to our church's trunk or treat). Can we still do Handy Manny? Or maybe Leo from Little Einsteins? We have a little Rocket doll he could hold. What do you think?

Yes ma'am I would love the purple and let me know when you have the faces! I'm ordering next weekend--Dakin gets paid the 30th!

Shay said...

There could never be a more BEAUTIFUL you =-)