Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yep, I entered another Challenge!

Last weekend, I entered an embroidery challenge since I got my machine back. Instead of making something that chipmunk could wear, I made something that a kindergarten-er could wear her first day of school (that was the theme). Well, life did not go as planned (like it ever does, right?) this week and this ensemble was a saving grace for me. It's NO where near perfect, but Chipmunk has been running around in it for an hour now, even though it's "too big Mommy, it's TOO BIG". ( Something she's been telling me about another outfit that I made at the beginning of the week that I need to get a photo of to send off ASAP. I try every day and those are the words that I hear, Amiee, I keep trying!)

Anyway, the deadline for the entries are today but I got this up last night. Then when Chipmunk decided to try it on, I snapped a picture of her in it. You can't see all the embroidery in the picture (she wanted to pick up the dog and I wouldn't let her) but she's a cutie! It's a size 6 (she wears a 4). I am contemplating listing it on my various sites, but also thinking of listing it on eBay with one of my free listings that I get a month.

So, tell me what you think in the comment section. Having made this ensemble, I am considering doing complete clothing collections that all coordinate together. What do you think? Will that be a good seller?

Anyway, I will post about my week later. I need to work on scanning some pictures first.


tinahead81 said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! and for the encouraging words :o) i so wish i could sew!! that little outfit is adorable!

glenna said...

Thanks for stopping by Your Fabric Place! I think the outfit is extremely cute! I'll be following you. :-)