Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why is it so hard to be taken seriously?

As a Work At Home business owner?

I mean, just because I don't get up every morning, put on make-up, dress up and leave the house for 10 hours or more a day, does not mean that what I do is not important or worthwhile.

Why is it that a woman has to have a boss, a commute, and other stresses to be considered as contributing to the family finances?

Just because I can stay in my jammies all day long, does not make me any less worthy.

Just because my "workday" ~ notice that I put it in parenthesis because women that work at home and raise their kids are not thought of has having "real" jobs is not nine to five, does not mean that I am not busting my tail.

This all stems from something that my father said to me yesterday. We were talking finances, loans and the like. My student loans for both of my degrees came up and he asked me why I wasn't putting those degrees to work to make me money. All I could reply at the time was that I had put in an application for a teaching position, but never got an interview.

But you know what, while that is all true, I believe that God has another plan for me. It involves having a business that I can run from the convenience of my own home. I have the ability to work the hours that I WANT to work or that I NEED to work. I can work a little when the baby gets me up in the middle of night. I can work in the thirty minutes between when hubby leaves for work and the kids get up for the day. I can work while the toddlers are watching TV (yes, they watch TV, and they actually get a little out of it too!) I can work after dinner, before bed. The choice is mine. I don't keep conventional hours by any stretch of the imagination. I tend to work a little, play a little.

But all this lead me to wonder, why is it that my parents seem to look down upon me because I am a Stay at Home mom? My mom is always saying, "You don't do anything, why don't you make this call for me?" ~Umm, the answer to that is, I hate confrontation and no, I am not going to go check on this for you. I have two teens and two toddlers to lug around.

Long story short, cause, well, I see that Army Wives is already on and this is supposed to be my day of rest (Hey, I am a mom and I really never get to rest) anyone who works out of their home usually gets a bad rep for doing so. I love what I am doing and the fact that I get to stay home and keep my kids out of day cares. When the teens were young, I was in school (college) and they spent most of their time in day care.

Sorry for rambling, I think that I am more tired then I realized.


Angie Lynn said...

HUGS to you girl! What people don't realize is what a real sacrifice it can be to stay at home. Honestly, I think that most of the time those comments are made it stems from jealously or conviction. Try not to sweat it friend! Great is your reward in heaven... if you are being obedient to what God has for you then you are on the right track! I wish I had the confidence to do what you are doing!

mommyof2 said...

AMEN Girl!! I have the same problems, just not with my parents. My husband thinks that since I finished my degree this year that I should immediately find a job and put the girls in daycare. I love being able to pursue my photography career (which is going very well) and be home to stay with my kids, but he just sees it as "unreliable and temporary." Drives me nuts somedays but makes me more fired up to prove him wrong LOL!