Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Did I Get THIS Family???

Not my usual post, I will admit that. I have decided that anyone that reads this blog doesn't want to just hear about the latest Stitch'N Love creation, but might also like to know the quirkiness that makes Stitch'N Love..... me :D

It's funny to say, but too much anymore, I often find myself thinking throughout my day... "Girl, you need to remember to blog about this." Or, "That would make the cutest blog post!" Well, there has been a thought that has been going through my head for several nights lately, especially when the family is gathered around the dinner table.

Shock isn't it? We actually sit down EVERY night at the dinner table. I hear that it's not something that all families do much anymore. In fact, we have only been doing it on a regular basis for a bit over three years. Hubby and I took a rigorous christian family education class back then that got us hooked. A family that eats together, sticks together! I can vouch for that too. Our kids are better behaved for the most part. We have our hiccups now and then, we are human. But the family value system is there and strong. May not be able to see it in the teenagers, but they are teenagers. Give them time.

But I have veered off my topic! It happens all the time. That's one of the reasons that I have so many things in my shops! lol Anyway, I have been really taking a good look at my kids. I mean, they are a wide variety of ages: 14, 13, 3, and 1. The older two have the same dad and the younger two have the same dad but different from the older ones. They all have me in common so I look to see what is really common between the four.

Well, the all looked a lot alike as infants! But then again, their cousin tends to look like them in pictures too. My oldest gets told by everyone that knew me at her age that she is the spitting image of me. I see it in old pictures, but she is so much more beautiful! My oldest son doesn't look so much like me, but thankfully, not like his dad either. If he did, I would definately have to kill him then, lol. When it comes to my younger two, only see a feature here and there. They are good mixes of my husband and I, but this leads me to wonder.......

~~~~~~~~~Why was I gifted THIS family? Between us, we have seven beautiful children. Each one with his or her special gift to the family. They each amaze us and astound us on a weekly if not daily basis. Sometimes they push me and hubby to the limit, but then again, they can be so sweet and loving. Especially the younger two. It's so sweet to watch them love on each other or the older ones. I love the kisses in the morning and right before bed time. The "Good Morning, Mommy" that I get from chipmunk every morning. She even told the cashier at Walmart Monday, "Thank you Miss".... She's THREE! The cheetah, at the age of nearly two, will say "Please" and "Thank You" in his own way.

My kids really aren't any more special than any other kids in the this universe, but they are super-duper-extraordinary kids to me and I am ever so blessed to have them in my life. I hope that they learn half as much from me as I have from them :D

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Devon said...

They are beautiful. You have a gorgeous family!!