Saturday, July 25, 2009

DS Gamer's Dream!

So, my son got 2, yes I said 2, Nintendo DS for Christmas last year. Well, he was supposed to give one to his older sister and she was to give him the extra iPod that she got (I did not get either one of them these things BTW). At any rate, he has been hounding me and hounding me to make him a case to hold his system, games and stylus. So I was off on a mission, albeit slow, to find something to make him.... And I did!

I have listed a Choose Your Fabric DS Messenger Case in Etsy, Artfire and Handmade Fusion. You can find the listing through the links. It is the newest edition to my Traveller Collection. Here are the specifics of the case......

Each case has pockets for eight games. There is a stylus pocket that we have learned will hold up to three! There are two zippered pockets: on the flap and on the back. The back one can hold his DS headphones. He told me that he used the flap zipper pocket to hold more stylus, the screen protectors and games. The strap that he has is a wristlet style, but it could also be a simple loop to put your hand through or even messenger strap (like a hand purse). Everything is padded and then there is a stiff form so that it doesn't lose it's shape.

The great thing is, you get to pick out the theme! I am going to also make some to sell at the local markets and fairs that I will be attending this fall. As I make them, I will list a few premade ones in the collection that it belongs in. I am so excited, I can't wait to get the rest of the stuff that I need! I hope that they do really well!

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