Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Boutique is on Handmade Fusion!

That's correct, you read the headline correctly. I have opened a shop on Handmade Fusion. Really, I am trying to find where my niche is, I mean I have tried other venues and not liked them. I opened yesterday and got many views on the two things listed in just a matter of minutes! I didn't think that was too bad. lol

Anyway, here is the link to the shop. Right now I have just two keyfobs on there. With the youngest child still feeling ill, it's kinda hard to even post this. The teenagers are playing Rock Band and can't be bothered with their little brother and sister, so here I am typing with the chipmunk on my lap falling back asleep and the cheetah is pulling on one hand trying to get me to go do something for him. All the while, whining and sipping his kool-aid in his sippy cup.

I did get a chance to cut out the makings of a DS case for monkey! I will post pictures and use the pictures as a custom listing! lol I also have enough material to make one just like his. I even got a chance to cut out some netting (nope, not chiffon) to make my first ever pettiskirt. Chiffon is hard to get around here, but I think I did find some today. Of course I have that too, but I got this netting about a month ago to make one. This one is going to be white but I have more for a red one and a black one! I picked up some pink chiffon today for a later date.

Well, I better go see what in the world the kids are going now and hopefully remember to make me some sweet tea! Keep a look out for new stuff coming to the shops if I can ever find the time with all four kids in the house!

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Mommyof2girlz said...

Congrats! I have yet to hear about Handmade Fusion, I will have to stop by :)