Sunday, May 10, 2009

I got an Award!!!!! Now I have passed it on....

I was awarded this little bug by Domestic Disaster for making her smile! We are both a part of the Etsy Street Team: Cafemom Street Team.

It is now my turn to return the favor. I picked seven instead of ten like I was supposed to. I have found that the older I get, the less likely I am to follow ALL the rules, lol.

Blogs that make me smile!

  1. The Daily Dakin– 2007 Pumpkin Patch’s littlest Hero. I like to think that I am one of his biggest long distance cheerleaders. This little guy has spunk, just like his momma! Click on the banner with Dakin’s picture on the side of my blog to take a few seconds to sign the petition to help get more funding to study medical treatments of SMA. This study will help Dakin in a round about why because he has a variation called SMARD, but it is VERY rare. All the studies are international!
  2. Momma’s Little Monkeys – This lady has some mad talent in so many things. How she juggles mommyhood, Artfire, Etsy, and being a host on Blockhead Radio amazes me to no end! You can catch her on Wednesday nights at 9pm hosting Mom’s CafĂ© with another amazing momma, RockerChic. You should check out Rocker too!
  3. Moseley Musings – Angie and I graduated high school together many, many (well too many) moons ago. We found each other on social site a little bit ago and now follow each other’s blogs. I love the fact that we both have four kids, even though I am a little jealous that she has three girls! Lol
  4. The Gathering Stitch – What can I say? Tammy feeds my fabric addiction! Not only that, she is an inspiration in her sewing and is always helpful when someone has a question. She really takes too much on to her shoulders, but we can’t get her to lessen the load! I look forward to her Savannah visits when we can get all the kids together.
  5. The ramblings of an obsessive crafter – Sara is a fellow BHR stalker, Plurker and teammate on the Cafemom Street Team. She has stinkin’ awesome shops on Artfire and Etsy.
  6. April Michelle Designs – She’s a moderator on a Yahoo group that I am a part of and always brings me to a smile with her one liners and talk. She is also a great bow designer!
  7. Life of Logan – I found this blog through another favorite blog. It was fate I believe. I love reading about Logan! It helps me to better understand what my hubby went through with Evan. Logan and Evan both have CP in common. It warms my heart to read his successes!
  8. Phoenix’s Fight – Yet another blog that I stumbled upon due to fate. Phoenix has CF, just like an aunt of mine. I love to see how well he is doing. He is worse off than Jennilyn was, but I remember how Jenni was as she is ten years younger than me (long story). His family is an inspiration non-the-less.


Devon said...

YAY! Thanks, Christie! Yes, I feel that you truly are one of his biggest cheerleaders, and one of the dearest friends I made from WTE. Thanks!!!!

Papermoonies said...

oh I will check out all of the lovely people you mention here..
I am hosting an arty giveaway to end this week.
I follow you now.
come give it a look see.
Have a glorious day!