Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day from us to you

Here are the reason's that I get to celebrate Mother's Day! I have been blessed with four unique children from God. They have made me start to go gray in the 14 years that I have been called "Mom", but all in all, I would not trade a single minute of my motherhood.

I have learned a few things over the years being a mom.

No one will ever love you more than your children.
That same chil
d that loves you so much, will also tell you one day that he hates you.
Raising kids is a very hard job. People want to tell you what to do all the time.
No two kids will ever react the same way to something, so don't try to give them the same redirection. It will not always work how you think it will.
Take all the advice you get with a grain of salt. It doesn't work for everyone either.
Take time to let your kids know that you love them. When they are teens or an adult, they will ponder this.
Been strict when you have to. If you're not, it may just come back to haunt you.

Don't forget to laugh with your kids!

When you are at a low point, your kids will come in and save the day. Somehow, they know you need love too.
Children will never cease to amaze you.
Be proud of them, even when they fall on their faces in failure.
Praise them everyday, even if it's just for doing something they normally do.
Teach them manners at a young age.
Kids learn best by example.

Never give up on your kids. Just like you, they have their own demons to get rid of.

Things I LOVE about my kids:
The way that they put a smile on my face when I am sad.
The way that the two younger ones love on each other.
The way that the two older ones used to bond together and work.
Cheetah blowing me kisses as he walks out of my workroom.
Chipmunk coming into the room in the morning and saying "Good Morning Mommy" everyday.
Monkey coming in and asking me if I need anything or knowing exactly when I need a sweet tea break.
Donkey taking the little ones out so that I can take a migraine nap.
Dinner time is family time and everyone loves it.
The laughter at meal times.
The quiet that comes over the house as everyone is asleep but me.
The noise when everyone is awake.
When we go 24 hours without a voice raised.

Most of all: hugs and kisses from ALL my children.

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