Thursday, April 30, 2009

After Last Night's Interview.......

I guess I should do a little more explaining about my "Zoo", lol. The picture was taken last November. The little ones were NOT happy to say the least!

In our family, the kids all have animal names and I have decided that I will use those names online to protect the "innocent". (If you KNOW my kids, they are all but innocent, let me tell you!) Hubby started this tradition with his first kids. The animal name would come from his first impressions of the said child, or shortly after. I will explain them all.

Our oldest is "Mouse". His Grandma named him that when he was born and it stuck. Mouse can be found at the local chicken place where he lives as one of the assistant managers. He's about to celebrate his first anniversary of being a high school graduate!

The second oldest is "Turtle." This is because when he was born, he stretched his neck out like a turtle. Turtle is finishing up his first year of high school and ROTC. He hopes to go in the military, like his father, uncles and grandpa before him, when he gets out.... Something about being a sniper I think..... Still sticking that head out!

My oldest is "donkey." She got stuck with this name since she loved to sound like Donkey from Shrek. She loves waffles and asking "Are we there yet?" You can find her in a dance studio on Thursday nights or B days at school. She doesn't ACT so much like donkey anymore, but we love to tease her with the name. I went so far as to make sure that we got a donkey stuffed animal when we bought a copy of "Shrek 2"!

"Ducky" was hubby's last child with the ex. When he was born, me made duck sounds..... Sadly, he is no longer with the family on earth, but in spirit. There are little duck things all throughout the house and family to keep him with us..

"Monkey" is just that, a monkey! His dad, my ex, gave him one the day he was born and he has acted like one ever since! He can't keep still for very long and is currently in band, playing the drums no less, at school. Last three years in elementary, it was the violin..... That wasn't good enough for middle school..... Next year, he says it's band AND baseball. We will see.

Our little girl is "chipmunk". My mom thought that we were crazy (well we are but not for this reason!) to call her that until she saw chipmunk in action! That girl can cram some food in her mouth and not choke! She also likes to bury stuff all over.

Then we come to the "cheetah"! What are cheetah's known for? Being fast! He doesn't walk, he runs. He climbs. He's only 18 months old and can catch a ball pretty well! Right now, one of his favorite words is "Momma". Now if you have ever seen "Family Guy", think of the episode where Lois saved Stewy and he called momma over and over... That's Cheetah right now!

Well, now you know the story! So when you hear about the ZOO, you will know who I am talking about!

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