Friday, March 27, 2009

What have I done? Listing on EBAY????

Well, they are for the same item (custom made personalized child's chef hat) but one is a three dayer and the other is a five dayer.......IF these do well, then I might start listing other clothing that I create.... I don't know though.
The thought hit me around 4 am this morning. We ended up with not only Zack (usually in bed with us since he is still nursing and that is the ONLY way that I could sleep the first year) but with bed hog Ana too. Anyway, Zack was having a hard time getting comfortable (he was all over me and Tony) and somehow, the thought of putting my hats on there came to mind.
Please go check them out. The three day one has only one picture and the five day one has four, I think.

I may try listing more if these do okay. I mean, I make children's clothing, nap mats and the like..... Who knows...

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