Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain, Rain, Why must you stay?

It's another blustery, rainy day here at the sweatshop of Stitch'N Love! Normally, I would not care one way or the other. It gives the family a reason to stay inside, clean the house and enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately, it also gives our roof reason to leak. Yep, that's right folks, an eight year old roof is LEAKING. About a month ago, well, take that back EXACTLY a month ago, we had some more rain and it started coming in through the roof in our bedroom. I know what you are thinking... A MONTH AGO! Girl, you should have gotten that thing fixed by now!

We would have loved to, but we can't afford to replace it. The whole roof really needs to be replaced, there are soft spots up there all over. Then add in the fact that hubby had drill the following week, we are trying to get ready for one-day festival next month, our insurance will not cover it.... The list goes on and on. My parents have offered to give us some money, and they did.

We were going to pick up at least the shingles today, but it rained. No point in having it all out there getting wet and killing the grass and all.

So, now I have more water slowly coming in my bedroom from the cracks in the roof and I am praying for sales to come in so that I can make up the money that I have been spending trying to get ready for this festival and all. Even tried to make a little money selling scrap fabric, but no one would buy it!

Such is my life though. It's not a lot, but it's my life.

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Devon said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry about your roof! I hope it all gets sorted out soon!

LOL sweatshop...