Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Beginning?

Where do I start? The beginning of my life? Naw, that would be boring to most people..... Not too mention it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..... I imagine that once this gets going, it will be much easier to keep it going, but where in the heck do you start in a blog?

I am planning on using this to write down various trivia in my life so to find out, validate if you will, that my life struggles are no different than many people in the world. ( A great first statement, you think?) I will talk of my blunders in parenting, marriage and small business. And the successes too, but I think that I blunder more than succeed.

So, with that, I will introduce myself (if anyone has seen ANYTHING about me on the 'net you already know all of this. I am an open book you know, or am I?)

Let's start with the HERE and NOW. I am Christie Brown and I live in ever so "beautiful" South Carolina. I am the birth mom to four beautiful children and step mom to two more. That's right, six kids! Not all live here all the time. In fact one, has already graduated from high school. In order to stay at home with our youngest two kids, I have started a small business. I am a seamstress and ribbon peddler, if you will. You will here all about these wonderful zany kids over time. Sometimes I complain about all of them, but in the end, they are my saviors and I love each one of them very much. I am happily married to my soulmate, we just celebrated three years yesterday. Well, you can say "celebrate" but we did nothing for it. Not that we did not want to, just when there is no money in the bank for you, you can't do much celebrating, you know?

I have a few sites:

I believe in getting myself out there however I can.

Well, that is a quick sound bite for now. There are two little tykes up in the next room that sound like they are getting into things they should not and it's only 10 more minutes before the middle schoolers have to get up and invade the world! Til next time........

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