Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We all want the best quality that we can afford.

How many of us LOVE to go into a name brand store and get stuff for 60 or 70% off? I know I do!

But have you ever thought of who created that outfit you just bought?

If it was name brand, it was made in a factory and more than likely, not even in America. Have you ever looked at the tag?

Even better... Have you ever thought about how can the store afford to offer the outfit for so much off? When they take anything more than 40%, they must be taking a hit, right? Not in the least...

There are so many items made exactly the same that the cost to them is really pennies on the dollar, so to speak... We all know that buying in bulk saves money...

Well, think about the handmade clothing site that you stumpled upon online, craft tent at the local festival, or little corner in the boutique that you frequent...

What do their prices say about them?

You walk by and a pair of earrings catch your eye. They would go so well with the new outfit that you just picked up at the store... You take a look at the price... Now you think twice... Her prices are the same as the store that you just bought the outfit from.. But it's handmade, why is she trying to rip people off?

But is she?

Or you walk by a tent that is chocked full of children's clothing and items... You look at her prices and walk out because you can get something LIKE it at the neighborhood box store for a lot cheaper..

But you know what? Handmade can't keep up with big box stores and name brand... Not when people's attitude to handmade is that it's subpar... The fact is, it's not...

Yes, I have seen all over the internet and in craft shows, homemade items that are tried to be passed off as handmade.. Yes, there is a difference... Isn't there a difference between stores like Walmart and Target? One is considered to be a better quality!

Homemade tends to look what I call sloppy. Not well but together... Elementary Home Ec, shall we say.

Handmade tends to be quality work... Attention to detail.. Not always perfect (let's face it, only God's work is perfect by design), but it can take on the national chains.

So why do we want to spend all our money at the national chains and not on the handmade items? I know that there are alot of people that work for that national chain but they (the chain) make their money in all kinds of avenues.

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