Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Many Changes......

If you have taken a look at my blog since yesterday morning, I am fairly certain that you see some huge changes around here! I have totally redone the layout of the blog with some help of some great tutorials... And the fact that I really looked at what Blogger has to offer!!!! The blog may change up a little more still, but I hope that with the new fresh layout and additions, I will become more inspired to post on a more regular basis! lol That is, blog more about what is on my mind then, oh it's Monday, got some questions to answer or "Oh, it's Wednesday, better find a picture to post."

And I JUST realized that I FORGOT to call my brother yesterday and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am in SO much trouble!!!!!!

So, other changes around here... I am going to let my Etsy shops pretty much die. I may keep the chef hats listed all year long but everything else is going to just expire and not be renewed.... I thought it would be a good idea if I divided the clothing lines and bowtique into their own shops but it's actually become too much to keep up with... So I am back to combining them back into one place, but not on Etsy or Artfire......

The dot com is being REVIVED!!!!!! It's always been up, but just not worked on. After looking at a nearly $20 bill between Etsy and Artfire and only one sale the whole month, I decided that maybe going out on my own would be better.

I am applying to a few craft shows for next month and being able to send people to the dot com seems loads better. Plus, I found a place where I can have it and it really doesn't cost a whole lot.

So, hopefully I will have the shop fully set up by the beginning of next week!!! And you know me, when it opens, I will have a Grand Opening Sale!!!!!

Here is the question of the day to be answered in the comments section because we ALL love comments!!!!

What is your favorite color and why?

I personally love the color blue! Can't you tell? It calms me down and makes me think of the sky and the ocean!!!!

Until next time! Peace and hugs :-)

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