Thursday, February 24, 2011

My little Girl is Becoming a Ham!!!!!!!

Well, a ham for the cam at least! I decided to make a new style of outfit this morning and as usual, the first one is a sample and made for my little Pixie.... Imagine my surprise this evening when we went out in the front yard to snap a few pictures and she starts to pose!!!!

Not sure how much to charge for the total outfit. But to be honest, it took nearly all 6 yards of the fabric I had on-hand to make this size 4! I don't seem to be really great at pricing. Then add in that I am not all too sure what sizes to make to have on-hand and for craft shows and stuff. Most of the fabric that I have can only make one outfit. It'll be nice when things start to sell and I can buy bolts of fabric to offer true customs!

It has loads of twirl factor for the little pixie that LOVES to spend time twirling and whirling about. I will be able to make this type of set for size 2 to 6 only. The twirl pants have an elastic waist and three tiers of ruffles. I am already thinking of taking off the bottom two tiers and making the next set a shorts set.

The ruffle neck peasant top is nothing if not cute, cute, cute! Huge ruffle on the bottom so even if the top is worn with another pair of pants or shorts and she will still be able to twirl in style.

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Robin Norgren said...

Ok the top I would TOTALLY take in "big girl" size! Your girl is a cutie and the outfit OBVIOUSLY makes her feel special- BRAVO!