Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming SOON to my Shops Online

I belong to an awesome group of ribbon and crafting fanatics that love to share ideas and such. One introduced me to what she named the "Clippie Clutch". Well, after seeing hers, I created something like it of my own! I have five done up and ready to go on The Crunchy Congo, Artfire shop and even listed in the Simply Love BOWtique on Etsy.

When I posted some pictures on the FaceBook Fan page, someone asked me if I could design a case to hold Flower Clips and headbands too. And that got me on a creating spree!

I have the prototypes and my notes are almost complete, but I hope to launch these fully for Black Friday! What do you think of them? I love to hear feedback. I plan to do a few in children's fabric and some in more contemporary, grown up fabrics too!

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