Monday, October 18, 2010

Coming Soon to this BLOG in front of you.....

In the hopes that I can get on some kind of schedule with the kids, business and life in general, I am going to **TRY** and start some daily themed blog entries! I guess we will see how it goes. Life is abundant, to say the least, and I thank God every morning when I wake up for giving me another day to try again at being a good person. Some days are harder than others, but with God's grace, I pull though!

Here is the list that I came up with....

Marketing Mondays- I hope to restart my old Spotlight On series that I started the first of the year and it abruptly ended when my grandpa passed away. Until then, I may spotlight some things that I am listing or look on the sites for some interesting things, you never know!

Tips on Tuesdays - I got this idea from a few blogs and a few groups that I am on. I will share business tips, storage tips and maybe even some parenting tips from time to time! lol

Wordless Wednesdays - This is something that I am already doing some weeks. Some weeks maybe have a few words though, you know me :)

Temptation Thursdays- I figure, it's so close to the weekend and we all feel like we are on the down-hill slide to the weekend that maybe Thursday I can tempt myself and you too with some internet finds that I come across during the week?

FYI Fridays - Or maybe that should be TGIF? At any rate, Fridays will more than likely be just a jumble of information that may or may not be good for you and me.....

Anyway, can you think of any other great themes that I can change around? Let's hear it!

Oh yeah, be on the lookout for some more giveaways from Stitch'N Love Boutique~

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