Sunday, June 13, 2010

200th Post ~ Things are changing around here

Okay, so I closed up my Etsy shop a few weeks ago because I felt like my shops were taking up all my "time" and I wasn't getting anything done. It was a rash, but good decision to be honest.

I was able to get my house, well the public living areas at least, cleaned up and shaped up... Didn't stay that was totally for long, but with six people (four of who are under the age of 15) how can they really? I was also able to get started on some sewing for my family. I made seven different outfits for two of my kids and even made my sister a messenger bag that I had wanted to make her for Christmas! (No photo of it though :) )

I was also able to figure out that I need to separate my shop, it has too much variety in it. I am still going to do everything that I have been, but I am going to divide everything up into four (yes crazy) shops.

Stitch'N Love Boutique is going to be for my chef hats and aprons, key fobs and totes, all of the other eclectic stuff that I do. Right now, everything is still in this shop. I am going to take the summer to get everything in their proper places, not to mention I need to order some fabric labels for the new lines!

My bowtique is named Simply Love Boutique. It will carry all my hair bows and headbands.

My girls clothing line store is Pixie Ana. Here you will be able to find all the little, and not so little, girls clothes, hats and slippers. Every girl needs a fairy dust to feel like a princess you know!

My boys clothing line is Little Man Zack. You will find all the cute little Jon-Jons, t-shirt short sets, pant sets and hats and slippers too. Maybe even a super hero cape or two?

Of course, the shops are all combined in my Zibbet shop, you can find everything divided up in the sections :)

And, wouldn't you know it, this is my 200th blog post! When I started out way back when in 2008, I never thought that I would hit the 200th mark. It took me a while to get the hang of blogging, and I have taken many sabbaticals. But, I have hit the mark and I have decided that I want to do a little giveaway for all my loyal readers. So if you have read this entry, leave me a note and let me know. I am going to give my readers til about Wednesday, I guess, to leave a message and I will select a winner and post on Thursday. I am not all to certain that a lot of people read my blog much anymore. I have been really lax in posting and haven't had a whole lot of good stuff to say anyway.....

Oh, and I guess I should say what you will win, huh? Well, I have this Carolina NFL team messenger bag that I made for someone but they backed out of buying it. It's a nice sturdy bag: made with black duck cloth, and would be a great get dirty, don't care if it goes through the mud bag!


Anonymous said...

its a beautiful bag! And I wish you much success with FOUR shops! How ambitious! :)

Sara said...

Good luck in your current ventures. I wish we had money..or I would buy tons. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

You do great work. Good luck with your shops and I hope you continue to do well with them. :)

Stitch 'N Love said...

For California Chrissie!

Jennifer said...

YAY, I try to catch up on blog reading once a month. I know how you feel - I have been REALLY bad about blog posting. I love to blog, but I feel like recently anything exciting/eventful goes on my facebook. For your readings: I bought this bag (in different fabric) for my K5 daugther last school year. It's a GREAT bag & well-made. It held up with a 5ker!

Dyan said...

Hi! Jennifer sent me over here. Looks like you do some great work.

nevesmommy said...

Congrats on your 200th post. The blanket you made for Neve is still a favorite!!